Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

The Zinc-Nickel Plating Solutions To Give Your Restorations Mirror Finishes

by Wallace Prescott

If you are restoring a car or a motorcycle, there are finishes that you may want to stand out. You have a choice of many different types of finishes that can be done to add details to your restorations. Plating is one of the options that you may want to use for your project. The following zinc-nickel plating information will give your restorations the finishes they need.

Ideas for Chrome Plating Parts

If you want to plate parts on your restoration project, you want to choose the ones to send off for plating. These are usually the most visible parts or details that you want to show off. On motorcycles, you may want to chrome-plate forks, exhaust pipes, caps, and engine valve covers. If you are chrome-plating parts on a car, there may be body trim, suspension, and engine parts that you can send off to have chrome-nickel plated.

Removing Parts To Prepare for Plating

When you are planning on plating parts, they are going to need to be removed before the plating can be done. You want to try to remove old parts without causing damage. If you are removing plastic-like parts that have damage, you can use auto body masking tape to reinforce them. This will allow you to remove the parts without causing more damage.

Cleaning and Repairing Areas to Install Plated Parts

The problem with parts that you are planning on plating is dirt that can damage the finish and make installation difficult. Inspect the areas where you have removed the parts and clean them. If you are going to be painting, paint these areas while the parts are being chrome plated. Make sure to clean, repair, and paint any areas that might be difficult to get to after the new parts are installed.

Sending Your Parts to Be Nickel Chrome Plated

After you clean the area where parts need to be installed, the parts need to be prepared to be shipped or picked up by the chrome-plating service. You want to lightly clean the parts and repair major damage that needs to be repaired. Wrap the parts up with shipping materials to protect them during transport.

The plating you add to the details of your car or bike will give it a unique look that preserves the original design. Contact a zinc-nickel plating service to have your parts plated and add these details to your restoration projects.


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Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

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