Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Common Machines And Equipment Used In Steel Fabrication Processes

by Wallace Prescott

You walk into a store and pick up a steel wrench, you add a piece of steel roofing to your garage, and you may even have a steel stud or two in your home. If you are like most consumers, you appreciate the steel, but you never give a great deal of thought to how it got to be in the state that it is in so that it is functional for the designated purpose. The truth is, steel fabrication is one of the largest industries that involves a lot of professional expertise and numerous tools and equipment used to fabricate the different pieces. Take a look at just a few of the common machines and equipment used in steel fabrication processes. 

Cold Steel Saws

Imagine cutting through a piece of metal with a rapidly spinning blade, and it is easy to see why sawing a piece of metal would have to be done with a different type of saw because of the heat and friction that would be produced. Cold steel saws are designed with heavy-duty blades made from metal and, oftentimes, diamond or stone sand. The saw stays at a cooler temperature while it spins, and it spins at an extremely fast rate to make cuts as precise as possible. Cold steel saws are most often used on pieces of steel sheet metal, but they can also be used to cut larger and thicker pieces as well. 

Shot Blasting Equipment

For a piece of fabricated steel to solidify and even out its surface, it may have to go through a process that involves using a machine known as a shot blaster. This blasting equipment shoots out tiny granules of hardened material that is denser than the metal. The repeated impact against the steel leaves the surface of the steel smoother and polished, so it works better in certain applications. 

Press or Punch Breaks 

When a piece of steel needs to be altered in shape, only the hardest working equipment is up for the job, and a press or punch break is an example of a piece of heavy-duty equipment that is capable of changing the shape of steel. Press brakes are large presses that are used to create folds or channels in sheets of steel to create the specific piece shapes. Punch brakes are machines that actually punch indentions into a piece of steel with incredible force and a dense punching mechanism.

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Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

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