Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

3 Features To Look For In Quality Wire Mesh For Industrial Sifting

by Wallace Prescott

When you rely on sifting processes in your manufacturing business or industrial facility, wire mesh serves an incredibly invaluable purpose. There are all kinds of wire mesh to choose from, no matter what processes you need the material for; however, not all wire mesh is the same where quality is concerned. In fact, the quality of wire mesh can vary greatly depending on how it's made. The quality of the sifting process does rely on the quality of the mesh that is used. Here is a short list of three things you should be looking for in quality wire mesh for your industrial sifting processes. 

Hole Size Uniformity 

The best mesh is made with precision tools, so it will show in the quality of the end product by the uniformity of the holes of the mesh. If you look at a piece of mesh and see that the holes are not uniform in size, both in width and height, it is a good sign that the mesh was not built using the highest quality equipment. Mesh that has unevenly spaced holes, and holes of various sizes, will give you less reliable sifting results when it is used in your facility. 

Excellent Strength to Weight Ratio 

In just about any setting, it will be important that the mesh you choose is not so weighty that it is difficult for you or a machine to move. With that being said, you also do not want a mesh that is so lightweight that it would not stand up to heavy materials. It is always wise to look at the strength ratings of the mesh materials compared to the weight of the mesh itself. You want a good balance between what the mesh can withstand and how heavy the mesh is. 

Resistance to Corrosion 

Mesh is highly prone to holding moisture simply because of the way that it is made. If moisture particles get trapped inside of the holes, especially with a finer mesh, it can quickly cause corrosion if the material is not designed to withstand it. Even if you are working with a dry product, moisture is always a possibility, so it is best if the mesh is capable of standing up against long-term moisture exposure. It is for this reason that a lot of buyers go for stainless steel wire mesh because it is known to handle moisture well. 

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Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

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