Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Mechanical And Hand Stamping Metal And The Uses Of It

by Wallace Prescott

The term metal stamping might be something you hear used in a lot of different circumstances. It can be used to form panels out of sheet metal or to put a design or lettering on something as small as jewelry. In either case, the process involves using a tool or die to create a specific indent into something metal. The size of the project, the type of material being stamped, and the precision involved can all play a part in whether it is done by hand or with a press. Some materials or projects may come out great when hand stamped but trying to stamp it with a press would damage the material.

Stamping Large Panels

One way that metal stamping can be used is in the formation of sheet metal panels. The process uses a large press and a forming die. The die has a negative and positive side, and the sheet metal is placed between them. When the press is closed, the sheet metal is pressed into the shape of the die. This process allows companies to stamp out many panels that are exactly the identical time after time. Manufacturing companies can use this type of stamping to produce large numbers of a part or panel for use in many different industries. The precision and the speed are the most important factories in this process. Some examples of stamping might include sheet metal parts for a car, the case around an appliance, or panels that have a design or logo formed into them.

Hand Stamping

There are some artisans that use stamping for many different things. Handmade jewelry is a good example of this. Making a special necklace or pendant with a design or message on it is a great way to use hand stamping. The design can be laid out on the metal object and then stamped into the metal with a set of stamps and a hammer. The stamps may be a set of letters and numbers or special designs. In either case, the stamp will create an indent on the metal surface that can be filled with paint to make it stand out or left as it is for a slightly less obvious look. Many different metals can be stamped, but softer metals may not hold the stamp as long as harder ones. If you stamp something into copper, for instance, it is likely to wear faster than if you stamped into steel. Gold, silver, and most precious metals can be stamped with messages or designs, and if you take care of the jewelry, it will last for years.

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Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

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