Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Recycling Broken Quartz Rods: Four Things You Can Do With Them

by Wallace Prescott

In industry and manufacturing, quartz rods have numerous applications. Since they are very hard and quite durable, it takes a long time for quartz rod products to break down. When they finally become weak enough to break, you may be tempted just to chuck them in the trash. However, you could actually recycle them. Here are four ways to recycle broken quartz rods.

Give Them to Local High School Science Programs

High school students regularly study geology in their general science classes. They may also take a course in geology, if the high schools offer it. Either way, the broken quartz rods are useful to science teachers as lessons in rock formation, the uses of quartz, and its strength and durability.

Sell Them to Research Labs

Research labs sometimes use quartz rods in their projects. For their needs, the rods do not have to be as big as they are in industrial settings, so broken rods are just the right sizes for them. Research labs may also use the recycled quartz rods to test products they are working on. In using recycled quartz products, the labs and researchers can save money on the project. You may have to call several labs and R&D companies in your area to see if they need any quartz, but it is certainly a better option than throwing them away.

Exchange Them for Fresh Quartz Rod Products from the Manufacturer

Some quartz rod manufacturers will take back your broken rods in exchange for fresh ones. This saves you some money, and the manufacturer can find other uses for the broken rods. When you purchase rods from a manufacturer, ask them if they have an exchange program in place for worn out and broken quartz rods.

Ask Your Boss If You Can Take Them Home and Display Them

The rods are company property, broken or not. Still, if the company typically just throws them out, you can ask your boss if you can take the broken rods home with you and put them on display. Seeing as they are made of pure quartz, they can be very pretty and quite fascinating focal pieces. You may even get a little creative with them and turn them into quartz rod art, displaying them in bright sunlight so that they split the light and shimmer in a very tranquil and meditative sort of way. However, if your boss says no, see if he/she is open to the previous recycling suggestions.

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Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

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