Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Three Tools You Need To Build Your Own Cheap Foot Stool

by Wallace Prescott

Sometimes a do-it-yourself project is able to give you what you need easier and quicker than trying to find your style in stores. If you want a foot stool to sit on or to use when you are reclining on the sofa, you may be able to make the stool yourself with just a few materials. Here are the materials that you will need to be able to build a usable foot stool on your own. 

Rolling legs

One of the best things to adhere to the bottom of your foot stool are rolling legs. This way the foot stool is easy to move around when you are seated. If you have elderly family that visits you, they will be able to roll the foot stool where they need without much effort to prop up their feet. Get the same type of rolling legs that are found at the bottom of many computer chairs. Make sure they are compact and circular, as it is easy to smash a large pair of rolling legs. 

Wooden box

If you do not want to have to set up the chair from scratch, you should get a wooden box. The wooden box should have the appropriate length and width that you want for your foot stool. The wooden box should be stable enough to hold your weight, as you want to be sure that sitting on the box will not cause any issues. For this reason, you may want to select a box made of a sturdy wood such as oak, cherry, or elm wood.

If you cannot find a box that is the right size for you, select wooden palettes and put together the four sides with stainless steel screws and a drill. Decorate the sides of the wooden box that you will see after you finish the project. It is a good idea to put padding and fabric along the sides to make it a comfortable seat. 

Stainless steel screws

Since you will have to put together the wooden box and the rolling legs of the chair, you will need to have screws to drill from the bottom of the box to the handle of the rolling legs. The screws will need to be stainless steel, as these will remain strong and keep the structure sturdy. Non-stainless steel screws may rust and become impossible to remove if you need to reinforce the item. Get stainless steel screws in every size to reinforce the box and keep the legs and the box together. 

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Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

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