Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Gun Making Enthusiasts: Get A Better Barrel By Teaming Up With A Steel Fabricator

by Wallace Prescott

Are you a gun enthusiast? Do you often purchase gun kits to assemble at home? If so, visiting a steel fabricator before starting your projects can help you get better barrels and more durable finished products. Read on to learn more.

The Problem With Gun Kits

Gun kits are great because they allow you to build your own firearms without having to hunt down all the necessary parts individually. Unfortunately, the steel used to create the gun barrels in these kits comes from small specialty mills, so the quality and chemical composition of your barrels can vary from kit to kit. When a bullet is discharged from a firearm, the pressure inside the barrel can exceed 50,000 pounds per square inch. In order to avoid damaging a handmade gun or potentially injuring yourself when firing it, its barrel should be able capable of handling 100,000 pounds of pressure per square inch of steel. If you've purchased a kit that has components made of low-quality steel, it likely won't have this level of durability.

How A Steel Fabricator Can Help

You can boost the strength of the steel barrel in any gun kit by visiting a local steel fabrication shop and asking them to subject the barrel to case-hardening before you begin assembling your gun. Case-hardening is a process that strengthens the surface of steel by changing the chemical composition of it. Generally, this is achieved by adding carbon to the steel to create a stronger alloy on the surface of the barrel.

You don't want a gun barrel that is too hard because hardness usually equates to rigidity, and a barrel that is too rigid is prone to cracking. In this respect, case-hardening is a particularly beneficial way of creating a stronger gun barrel because, since only the surface of the barrel is hardened, the core of the barrel remains soft and able to absorb stress. Case-hardening can also be applied to other parts of your gun kits, such as firing pins, bolt mechanisms, and triggers.

Gun kits are great, but the steel used to create them is not always of the best quality. If you love the convenience gun kits have to offer but wish they came with parts made from stronger, better quality steel, contact a steel fabricator before starting your next project and ask them to case-harden your barrel and any other steel components that could use a little added strength.

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Different Types Of Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

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